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Why the tagline of Narniancelt?

I have been a fan of C.S. Lewis for many years. His writings helped deepen my understanding of the reality of which we often walk through our world unaware. By grace and mercy I am a follower of Christ. In my early years in the faith the writings of Lewis, among others, helped me see life with a different perspective, and those works still serve to remind me that we live in a creation with deep significance, meaning, purpose and responsibility. Our spiritual nature and the spiritual realm are not “supernatural” in the sense of being separate and apart from the physical world. They are part and parcel of who we are and what we do. If we lose sight of that, we can neither be complete nor fulfilled. But maintaining that understanding is a daily task. For me, Narnia helps.

I am predominately a Celt by heritage with primarily Scottish, Irish and some Welsh ancestry. A deeply religious people throughout their history, the Celts eagerly received the gospel message when it came to their homelands, and they were responsible for preserving the message during some dark periods in Church history. With a fiercely independent nature, the Celts chafed under the attempted domination of Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Normans. The American Revolution is often referred to as the Scotch-Irish Rebellion by historians as those immigrants who were attempting to escape a tyrannical British monarchy in their homelands were integral players in the colonies throwing off the repressive government of England. What they helped to establish here was a country that valued the freedom which they so desperately sought and for which they believed was every person’s birthright. I am grateful for my Celtic heritage.

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