A Welcome and a Guide to This Site

Welcome to this blog. I realize that a blog about faith and politics is not something unique, but I do hope to bring some new insights to the topic.

Many people endeavor to keep religion and politics separate and proclaim loudly that the two are not and should not be connected. Religion is personal; politics is public. This is the perspective that somehow one can approach political issues and governmental actions from a neutral, objective, and non-religious position.

It may be that the terminology being used that may present the crux of the problem. Is it “religion” that is the issue here, or is it the idea of faith and belief in general? Clearly, people who are involved in organized religions are adherents of specific faith positions. However, what is not true is that those who are not involved in organized religion are not adherents of specific faith positions. Yet it is almost an accepted truism in liberal American politics that the opposite of biased, religious, irrational politics is open-minded, non-faith, rational politics.

This is the fallacy of the enlightenment project: the mistaken notion that somehow one can live her/his life without premises that are accepted on faith and are not able to be proven. It is my assertion that everyone has faith positions, whether they are involved in a specific religious group or not. And those faith positions do, and should, impact the political and ethical positions which they take. Unfortunately we often either discount those beliefs or treat them as disconnected. It will be one of my goals on these pages to show the importance of one’s faith positions and how they not only are, but must be, connected to, and coherent with, one’s political and ethical positions.

Instead of having this home page showing you my latest posts, I want to let you meander through the posts by topic or date as you wish. I am going to attempt to lay out a foundation for my approach at the beginning, but I also realize that there will be times that I will jump out of context to discuss a particular
topic. Hopefully, by keeping things in some semblance of topical order will help. If it doesn’t, please let me know. After all, you are the reader.

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